Historical Building

The part of city where our guesthouse is located, Is the oldest part of Antalya. It called Kaleici what means: In the castle.

Still now you can see a lot of historical building and charm small streets with shops, bars and restaurants. In the narrow bustling streets you can walk easily to the old port.

The building where Palm House 17 is located has a long history.

It was built in 1895 as a villa for the first pharmacist of Antalya and his family.

At the end of WW1 Antalya was briefly occupied by Italian Troops before becoming part of the Republic of Turkey in 1921. From 1919 till 1921 this building was the Italian Consulate by Marquis Eugenio Camillio Garroni and Colonel Alessandro Ciano.

After them a different kind of people with different nationality lives here in this residence.

After all this years the building never lost his charm and special atmosphere.

Interior Design.

We take a lot of time and love for details, to make our small guesthouse to a grand atmosphere style. It is a fine mix of oriental and western style interior inspired by travelers on The Silk Route passing by in Turkey. It is also a traveling in time, a delicate mix of antique and modern interior. Inspiration by the early world travelers from the past and how people lived in the colonies.  Every room in this building has his own unique atmosphere, furniture and details from Europe and the Orient.

Outside on the terrace with flowers and beautiful umbrellas you can read relax a book from our library, watch a movie from our cinema club, enjoy in the morning delicious breakfast and meet new friends.

Here the West meets the Orient.